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Communication skills and why? While working in the service industry you learn many important aspects about communication. A good command over English is must to make and build a career in service industry. Keeping it in mind Udaan Academy conducts English classes using highly interactive & effective English conversational sessions through Group Discussion, extempore, Skits and Interactive Sessions.

Internship at Airports* Apart from classroom lessons practical knowledge is also important to complete the learning experience. Students are taken to Airports for live familiarization with customer service and operating procedures.

The students of Udaan Academy get their hands experiencing in all areas of security, check-in, baggage and catering uplift etc. Such detailed training is a unique at its own.

Soft Skills Training Topic Areas
o Emotional Intelligence
o Problem Solving
o Presentations Skills
o Time Management
o Interpersonal Skills
o Business Skills
o Communication Skills

Soft Skills List
Self-Management Skills Self-Management Skills address how you perceive yourself and manage your personal habits and emotions to react in adverse situations. Only when you build inner excellence you can have a strong mental and emotional foundation to succeed in your career.
o Growth mindset
o Self-awareness / Self-confidence
o Emotion regulation
o Stress management
o Resilience
o Skills to forgive and forget
o Persistence and perseverance
o Patience
o Perceptiveness


List of skills will be found in most job descriptions and you will be assessed on some or all of these in your performance reviews depending on your level.
● Communication skills
● Teamwork skills
● Interpersonal relationship skills
● Presentation skills
● Meeting management skills
● Facilitating skills
● Selling skills
● Management skills
● Leadership skills
● Mentoring / coaching skills


List of skills you will not find in any job descriptions which are also essential in your career. We call it tribal because they are more “insider knowledge” that you gain from work experience or from mentors. Some people can go through their entire career and not be aware of some of these skills.
● Managing upwards
● Self-promotion skills
● Skills in dealing with difficult personalities
● Skills in dealing with unexpected situations
● Negotiation skills
● Networking skills

In this Field training happens in three major areas of Aviation, Hospitality and Tourism. Aviation happens in the subjects of ground staff subjects, Hospitality and tourisms becomes additional aspects.

Get100% Human Resource Solutions

Udaan Academy placement assistance team is a division of our academy which provides human recourse solutions to various organizations of the industry. Departments which includes Passenger Handling, Retail, Tourism, Customer Services, Cargo & Transportation, Hospitality Administration, Fares & Ticketing and Security. Udaan Academy also assists students in getting placements that complement their skills.

* Internship is subjected to teams & conditions