The Academy will not be responsible in anyway whatsoever for the performance of the student in any examination / interview / job / extracurricular activities, etc. The Academy shall not be responsible for holding of any examination in case there is any delay and / or lapse on the part of the awarding body. The Academy if also not responsible in any way for ensuring job placement of any nature whatsoever. Whilst the Academy cannot take responsibility of giving a job or placement to a student, the Academy will endeavour to organize interviews for students (who are desirous to have such interviews) and have duly qualified and passed all the necessary exams and have been awarded the certificate, diploma, etc., by the awarding body with prospective employers at Appropriate time.

However, recruitment of the candidate shall solely depend upon the performance of the candidate at such interviews and the Academy shall not be liable or responsible in this behalf in any manner whatsoever. Trainees who are about to complete the course and who meet the norms laid down by Academy, are avail of placement assistance.

When a Trainee declines a job offer thereby negating the efforts of the placement Department he/she shall not be eligible for any further placement assistance. Placement assistance in the form of an interview opportunity for the service industry will be provided by Academy for not more than two times. The candidate fulfilling the following Conditions will eligible for an interview.

»    The attendance must be 85 per cent or above.
»    Placement may take place at any organization approved by Academy any location across the country as well as Overseas.
»    Placement assistance would be supported by the personal Assessment Forms.

Candidates' capabilities and preferences are collated over the term keeping in mind industry parameters.

Application Form Fee Refund Policy:
The application form fee is non-refundable.

Semester-Fee Refund Policy:
Fee once paid is not refundable or adjustable under any circumstances.