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Ground staff
Ground staff at an airport perform several important duties to ensure the safety and comfort of airline passengers and crew members, including checking baggage, stocking aircraft with refreshments, and cleaning the plane and runway between flights.The term groundcrew is used by both airlines and military aviation. Airline ground crew members include: airframe and powerplant technicians, avionics technicians, ramp agents, customer service agents, and flight dispatchers.

Air & Cargo
Air & cargo process and its complex structure. Using scientific methods of cognition, the author explores the structure of air cargo handling process and causality of its structure elements. The result of this research is that process approach to air cargo handling services can improve these services in general competent cargo staff, procedures, cargo information system, developed infrastructure and process management. The objective of research presented in this paper is air cargo handling and allow providing of complex air cargo handling services and fulfilment of customer requirements. In these circumstances the process approach makes contribution business is a very important business for the global air transport market. This means that air cargo handling process is important for any airport or cargo handling agent who provides cargo handling services.

Airport Management
Airport management is a branch of study that teaches management of airport and airlines. This provides a broad overview of the airline industry and creates awareness of the underlying marketing, financial, operational, and other factors influencing airline management